That Quintessence

QUINTESSENCE: From ancient, Medieval Science, the fifth element, called aether, ether or quintessence, was the essence that filled the heavens above the terrestrial sphere. It meant "pure, fresh air" in Homeric Greek, and was thought in mythology to be the pure essence which the gods breathed. Today, quintessence refers to the most perfect or typical example of a particular person, place or thing; the aspect of something that is most intrinsic and central to its character.

As LadyLikes celebrates its fifth year, allow me to recap the places, events and things that have not only become quintessential to this blog, but also quintessential to the second half of my twenties. When I started blogging in 2009, I was 25, had never been to Europe, or fashion week, or at all been featured in a magazine. I had little-to-no notion of Louboutin or Ladurée, Godard or Gaudí, CSS, RSS, modern art or molecular gastronomy, among other things. I smoked too much, exercised too little, spent many nights in dark, noisy places, and many days at a fluorescent-lamp-lit desk. As you can assume, much of that has changed tremendously.

Perhaps change is the quintessence of life after quarter life. As for LadyLikes, well, it is five years old! For ever coming by to read or browse or look around, thank you for being a part of this journey. I look forward to seeking and sharing even more inspiration with you in the years to come.

this, that, 
these AND those:

Finding Cool in "The Original Cool"
An Interview with Photographer J. L. Blondeau

Delon, Beautiful Delon
Paris Late in the Spring

Pintô: A Garden of Artly Delights
Jordi Labanda Forever

French Entrance, French Exit
Flutterby Spring-Summer 2013

Unforgettable Nat
Rainy Days in Monte Carlo

Shoe Obsession, Yale University Press
Disney Origins

Summer Views from Alma, Barcelona
Reinvention + Preservation: Bilbao's Balancing Act

In the Barri
Flutterby Launch at 10 Corso Como

Winter Style for the Tropical Child
Sacred, Serrated Montserrat

Off to the Races
The Art of Clothing Selection

Canal House: A Dutch Design Wonder
The Blushing Buildings of Toulouse

Madrid's Palacio de Cristal
Houndstooth Flutterby Takes Flight

Ski Season
Budapest the Beautiful

Katharine Hepburn Shutterbugging Away
Belgium Beyond Waffles and Chocolate

Summer Cocktail 2013
Adobo Magazine Interview, June 2012

Hedonism in Bordeaux
Rethinking Summer Style

Here's to the next five years or so!