EST. 2009

January 3, 2014

That Houndstooth Hybrid

LEAVE IT TO THE GUARDIANI TEAM to take an idea further with fabulous reincarnations of a design. On its third season now since launching, Flutterby has seen itself in both pump and sandal versions, and in colors ranging from jewel tones to sombre hues. My favorite so far is from this season's Swinging London collection of graphic tartan and houndstooth motifs, integrated across the brand's various lines.

Printed on snakeskin, the sharp houndstooth pattern both echoes and contrasts the delicate winged heel, and as with every Flutterby pair, the hand-painted heels are stabilized with a central steel post and edged with a luxurious hint of gold. The interior lining wraps the foot with even more gold, while the sole stays a subtle nude. Italian craftsmanship at its finest!

Flutterby has traveled far since I first envisioned it as a classic red pump. The experience proves endlessly gratifying, seeing an old idea continue to take new forms. Only fitting, don't you think? For such a shoe to undergo metamorphosis?

Flutterby Snakeskin Sandal by Alberto Guardiani,