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October 26, 2010

That Mad Style

PUBLISHED IN 1963, ART IN CLOTHING SELECTION was a beaten and battered hardbound I bought for P50.00 at a second-hand book sale back in high school. Today it is one of my prized possessions, having in some way served as my style guidebook growing up.

Yes, even if it was way behind my time.

The book dissects personal style, distinguishing it from fashion and fad, while categorizing the general dressing style for each personality type. Other chapters talk about posture and decorum, cultural influences in dressing, with diagrams of the different hat, sleeve, collar, neckline and dress types. There are also discussions on balance, contrast, quality, fabric, pattern, even clothing as an art, which I suppose at the time was still being considered a fairly new idea.

60's style has grown in popularity in the past year as countless of us girls and guys aim to channel the dapper Don and the Madison Avenue muses in that so meticulously accurate, picture-perfect drama. In the book illustrations, it's easy to tell which type is Betty or which is Joan or Peggy. Which will you be this Halloween?

Art in Clothing Selection by Harriet T. McJimsey, Harper's Home Economics Series.


Mia B. said...

A classmate of mine is going as Joan -- red wig and all. Somehow I think it'll work because she's tall and fair.

Somehow me in a blonde Betty Draper wig is just -- unfashionable. Unaware-that-she's-pregnant Peggy kaya? Hahaha

Fickle Cattle said...

Wow. What a find. It's wonderful.

I am Fickle Cattle.