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October 19, 2010

That Surge

SO MUCH RAIN LAST NIGHT. As of the evening, two lives had reportedly been taken by what is so far the world's strongest cyclone of 2010.

Today my team has two client presentations and a photoshoot, amongst the other things we're doing. In this very stormy weather, on this side of Luzon, life goes on as it does. We continue to work and earn and look presentable in our rain-appropriate outfits, charming and chit-chatting-up the people we have to deal with, taking a lunch break, a coffee break, a bathroom break. Smoking a cigarette, craving a sweet, thinking about what time the day will end and about the things we need to accomplish for tomorrow.

It feels strange how a life carries on this way while someone not so far away would have fled their home, leaving both replaceable and sentimental things behind that they may never see again, being drenched head to toe and maybe catching a bit of a cold or feeling a little cramped in the evacuation site but ultimately feeling hungry. And they wonder about their relatives or some neighbor friends and it maybe hasn't even sunken in yet, the thoughts about when they'd pick their life back up again or how.

For those affected, I hope for safety. But even more I hope for strength; for them to turn to hope rather than despair and to find within themselves the survivor rather than the victim after the storm has passed.

People can do much to alleviate physical devastation experienced by another. But will comes only from oneself. And if I say a prayer, as I hardly ever do, this is what I would pray for.

May the sun shine on all who need it. On the inside and out.

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Anonymous said...

You know I had the exact same thought while I was enjoying a cigarette and coffee in the midst of the storm. How can I can I take my next puff, have a another sip, and go on normally when all of that could be happening? Anyway, I really loved this entry. Definitely one of your best :)

Anonymous said...

I love this, lads :) so easy to be detached from home when you're on vacation, or when you're comfortable. Thank you for this reminder. I hope the sun has begun to shine already.

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks guys, I was so hesitant to even post this as I'm still unsure whether LadyLikes is the right kind of blog to accommodate my musings. Haha

But this response is very encouraging! At least I know I won't feel so iffy next time :-)