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October 20, 2010

That Nature Fragile

ROAR! LOOK AT THAT TIGER GO! No photos allowed inside so Jaime got us a book -in French, so I can barely understand- but with enough pictures to post in order to get the picture about this place.

Almost 200 years old, Deyrolle was a little asterisk in our itinerary as it was highly recommended by my boss though I wasn't too thrilled about full-on taxidermy.

But amazing stuffed animals they were! From fine-feathered peacocks to tough-skinned rhinoceros, to sheep and cheetahs, to beetles and butterflies and all sorts of natural curiosities, Deyrolle was worth the trip to rue de Bac where there were mostly homeware shops and student-filled side streets.

I've never quite liked freaky dead creatures but these were actually really beautiful.

Nature Fragile, Le Cabinet Deyrolle by Beaux Arts ├ęditions. Visit the Deyrolle website at