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July 2, 2010

That Everlasting

DESPITE A SOMEWHAT EMOTIONAL DETACHMENT FROM HIS FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY, Richard Avedon considers the practice -nonetheless- a pleasurable way to make a living. And despite its somewhat inferior standing to his deeper, more provocative portraiture and reportage, we consider Avedon's fashion photography -nonetheless- a pleasurable way to excite our senses.

With photographs dating back to the 40's still looking fresh and relevant to this day, it is indisputable that Avedon's glamour -not to mention influence, magnetism, impact and sway- is everlasting.

I dream of having my portrait taken by him. In another lifetime perhaps.

Photographs by Richard Avedon,


Mimi Chever said...

Oh my! I had an Avedon fan phase a couple of years back. In fact, my work PC wallpaper was the 2nd photo. Love!

Lady San Pedro said...

Love right??? Especially his reportage...

The Italy ones are breathtaking and my favorite is this one picture in NYC, street photography style of two men with a dalmatian standing on its hind legs.