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June 23, 2010

Those Imperial Highnesses

RUB MY BELLY FOR GOOD LUCK! Okay, so that has nothing to do with the images but it does have to do with the yummy Chinese pig-out I just had.

We discovered Hai Shin Lou on our way home tonight after having been harassed by a dirty, corrupt and shameless traffic enforcer who attempted to extort money from us and when he couldn't, went on to throw out snide remarks about me being Filipina. Made me shakingly angry, reminiscent of my driving days when I had been a frequent target of these good-for-nothing roadside crooks.

But all that fury melted away upon my first nibble at the crunchy breaded sweet and sour pork, followed by a squid dish and black mushrooms with kai lan and baby corn, all of which I bathed in chili garlic oil until everything on my plate was swimming in it. Yum.

They were tasty enough on their own. But as I am a spicy-food-freak, I didn't hold back on the chili garlic.


Do I still need to explain why I'm in a very oriental mood?

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