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May 5, 2010

Those Reminders

BUSY BUSY AGAIN. When you finish work late and start work early, household activities get compromised and little things get overlooked. Leaving out a step in your cleansing routine, forgetting to put on perfume, missing breakfast and other things that make your day feel incomplete.

What better way to remind yourself of the mundane-yet-important day-to-day activities than with these cutout wall reminders by self-proclaimed recovering lazyholic Erin Hanson.

Erin's crafty wall art is far more attractive than even the fanciest post-its and they work for both the lazy and the busy -both of whom could use a little prompting to get things done.

To DIY, just cut them up then stick 'em up.

Except, who's gonna remind you to do that?

Reminders photography by Erin Hanson,


mariel said...

these are so neat! :)

Sleepingviolet said...

Amazing, I want that :)