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May 3, 2010

Those Fashion Equations

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture

Viktor & Rolf, Fall 2010 RTW

Topshop Unique, Fall 2010 RTW

Christian Dior SS 2003 RTW

Vivienne Westwood, SS 2010 RTW

Alexander McQueen, SS 2010 RTW

A BIT OF MATH FOR THE FASHION-MINDED. A friend of mine introduced me to the blog -or more correctly, to the concept of it- some time ago without actually giving me the title of the blog nor the name of the author. Well, she gave a title and an author name but both were of a completely different blog in a completely different category.

Amidst the gossip-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-and-blogger jumble she mumbled, I -being her long-time friend- managed to pick up and make connections between the keywords "fashion", "equation" and "combination" which supposedly resulted in something "really cool" and/or "really funny" stuff.

Amazingly, I found it! Problem solved!

Unless, this isn't it?

Nonetheless, the highly imaginative fashion equations put together by Jonathan Zawada are always good for a laugh and even better as a reminder to the fashion-obsessed like me not to take fashion too seriously.

Fashematics by Jonathan Zawada,