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May 2, 2010

That Goddess, My Goddess

IN LIGHT OF GLEE'S RE-POPULARIZATION of songs from True Blue and Like A Prayer, I pay homage to my life-long diva not with a lengthy blog post but with a nostalgic, dramatic, sensual and sensational, dance-inducing, song-inspiring, neighbor-bothering and boyfriend-torturing Madonna-rama in which I will get into the groove, express myself, live to tell, take a bow and dance with San Pedro.

After all, it's a holiday!


Madonna, photographed by Herb Ritts for the cover of True Blue, 1986.

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Mike Son said...

Lads! I just bought the Sticky 'n' Sweet DVD+CD in Music One. After swiping my card, the cashier offered me some Madonna button pins--each DVD+CD comes with a free one pala. I chose the button pin with this exact picture, meaning i favored this old-school true-blue True Blue Madonna portrait over her more recent incarnations. We are really soul sistahs. I love you.