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May 1, 2010

That Density

GETTING OUT OF THE CITY! No, that's not my city, but it might as well be. Manila may not be as vertically dense as Hong Kong but some parts are really starting to look like tenement housing paradise, or just plain CBD on steroids, as in the above photos by my new-found favorite photographer Michael Wolf!

His sets are so tight, so clear, so straight to the point he's making. You can choose just one photo and instantly get it, but you can also expand it to a hundred photos and the message stays the same.

Showing you some of his other sets, I think you'll know what I mean.

From Tokyo Subway Dreams:

From Lost Laundry:

So, my getting out of the city is worth an announcement as I rarely do and rarely like to. I hate long drives and I don't like to be too far away from malls and salons and appliance centers and grocery stores, just in case my epilator breaks down and I need a new one. Or if my hair catches fire and I need to go to Kerastase fast! Or if I'm craving for salami Calabrese which I've found to be quite hard to find here.

But I'm really excited for this light and lazy weekend out of town with friends. Looking forward to foodfest and hours of chatting; some things we do best. Together.

Now, what should I pack? Or rather, what should I NOT pack?

Architecture of Density, Tokyo Subway Dreams and Lost Laundry by Michael Wolf,


Ligaya said...

Hi Lady, where are you off to? I was just in India, tell you all about it if I have the time. Take care. ♥

Lady San Pedro said...

Was just off to Tagaytay!

India??? Did you go to the Ganges? :-)