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January 17, 2010

Those Shores

I DREAM OF SYDNEY BEACHES. Where the air is fresh and the breeze is cool. Where the folks are fit, fun and friendly. Where there are no print ads to come up with or web campaigns to develop and where there is surely a pub nearby to get some fish and chips from with a couple glasses of red wine.

Yes, I'm having terrible withdrawals due to being back from vacation. Especially on this bleak, slow and anxious Sunday that I am spending at home, forcing myself to conjure a mountain of fresh ideas from a tired mind.

Which leads me to look up Max Dupain, one of six photographers featured in the Art Gallery of New South Wales' 6 Photographers exhibit.

Australian born and bred, Max Dupain was mainly interested in the landscape, architecture and cities of his homeland, and photographed them from the 1930s through to his death in 1992. Some things that we share: an adherence to black and white photography and a philosophy of simplicity and directness.

I particularly like his Beaches set.

Along with photographers Gordon Andrews, Kerry Dundas, Hal Missingham, Axel Poignant and David Potts, Max Dupain had presented 6 Photographers back in 1955, with the aim of recording contemporary life as it was in Australia.

Visit the 6 Photographers exhibit, currently running at the Art Gallery of New South Wales until March 7, 2010.

See more Max Dupain photographs at


Festy said...

Amazing photos!!!