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January 20, 2010

That Atmosphere

FROM A YELLOW-LIT ROOM THAT TURNS YOU MONOCHROME, TO AN ENTIRE WALL CARPETED WITH REINDEER MOSS, Olafur Eliasson's exhibit was so cool and strange, it was worth the drive, the ferry ride and the noontime walk under the intense Australian sun.

Entitled Take Your Time, I unfortunately could not take my time as we had a show to catch. Nonetheless, I had quite a good walk-through of the exhibit, unsure of how or what to appreciate with each environment I was in.

Prismic windows that give a kaleidoscopic view of the outside, a 360-degree room with walls that gradually and constantly change colors, an indoor rainbow created with light and mist in a spacious black room, a series of photographs featuring Icelandic geographies, spotlights that light themselves and an interactive, ever-changing exhibit of white Lego structures being built and destroyed amidst a sea of scattered Lego blocks.

The exhibit puts you in both frozen and changing surroundings, as well as in both natural and artificial ones. It makes you think... or better yet, feel.

Take Your Time exhibit by Olafur Eliasson.

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