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January 8, 2013

That Silent Side

IT'S NOT THE VIBE THAT COMES TO MIND when thinking about Sitges, the beach town dubbed the miniature Ibiza of Barcelona. I took a trip over there as a sort of field trip with some girls from my language class, a drizzly fall morning of strolling about and encouraging ourselves to communicate with as much Spanish as our level allowed. Towards the end of lunch, the attempt ran out, as did the wine, and chatter reverted back to English. It was a Saturday and we were in Sitges after all.

Roman ruins lined with quaint shops and cafes, winding cobbled roads dotted with charming local folk, all surrounded by numerous breathtaking beaches. It was great seeing Sitges' more silent side, but it only piqued my curiosity to see its more popular facets, of fĂȘtes and festivals and feasts of various kinds.

Just an hour or so away by train from Barcelona's center, the trip is sure to have a part two. Carnestoltes is just a month away anyway.

Sitges, Barcelona, Spain. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Princess Tatiana said...

Hi! I'm enjoying browsing through your blog – I found it via an image search that lead me to your book on Art in Clothing Selection (which I now want to buy on abebooks). I chuckled over your Letraset story too, and loved your photos of the 'ias' in your barrio. But it was this story which prompted me to comment, as I was in Sitges last year and immediately recognised your mermaid statue photo. I was there in the middle of summer, and although there were more tourists, it still seemed a sleepy town! Keep up the good work. :)