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March 4, 2012

That Karma Chameleon

EXPLORING THE NEIGHBORHOOD LAST NIGHT was quite a multi-cultural affair, having a first round of drinks at a bar called "Berlin" and a last round at a pub called "Taberna Inglesa", the two serving as bookends to some Spanish wine over a Catalan dinner.

At the pub before heading home, they had Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon" on VH1 Boogie Night, featuring Boy George in what was to be his signature look for the decade to come. Black brimmed hats, long braids and rainbow-rad costume and makeup, Miista's S/S 2012 lookbook somehow echoes of the 1983 chart-topper's video, updating with a steroidal infusion of color and Southwestern vibes.

Miista Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook photographed by Saga Sig. Images from