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March 3, 2012

That Dissatisfaction Guaranteed

AFTER A FAIRY-TALE FEBRUARY, the time for snapping back to reality had finally come. At the grocery store nonetheless, upon returning to the store with previously-purchased eco bags still with their tags on them. Tip #1: always take the tags off. Tip #2: don't shop where the locals shop if you can't argue in the local language. They're definitely not timid here in Spain.

Some entertainment after my catastrophic episode at the supermercado, Darcel Disappoints certainly did not disappoint, providing me with that healthy dose of disgruntlement I so needed to relate to. From feeling old, to feeling ugly, feeling left out at a dinner party, a loathing of crowds, an aversion to flying and all sorts of other grievances, the blog presents a satisfying account of the artist's daily dissatisfaction via humorous cartoon slices of life with captions such as "I suck at standing up for myself." or "I used to be fun."

Hear, hear!

When not expressing misery, or while doing so, the artist known for his one-eyed egg-headed characters also reveals a fondness for art and fashion, having created one-eyed egg-headed portraits of some of fashion's notables. 150 of these, get a chance to see on exhibit all through March at Colette, as part of the store's 15th anniversary celebration.

150/15 exhibit at Colette Paris, featuring works by Craig Redman,