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March 5, 2012

That Fantastic Domestic

AS OF TODAY, WE'VE SPENT a full, uninterrupted week in our new house. This is the first time and the first place in which we had stayed a full, uninterrupted week since leaving our old one back in January.

As of tomorrow, however, we set off packed and flying a full day once again to smoldering Manila where temporary lodging and nitty-gritties await us. Of course, there will also be friends to see and pets to reunite with. So in a way, yahoo!

While we are away, it will be difficult getting my mind off of furnishing this place. Home stores abound in Barcelona with every style, category and price range imaginable and still, the entire process of shopping for, picking out, ordering, transporting, waiting for and receiving items happens a lot more slowly and tediously than anyone would hope. Especially with a language barrier involved.

That said, I have come to terms with dining on the carpet, a red one nonetheless, until we find the best seats to go with our currently lone dining table. And bedside tables for the room. And a corner table by the window. And a buffet in the dining, a round table for the entrance, an island in the kitchen, a coat rack. Some stools. Outdoor furniture for the terrace. Plants. Plants for the upstairs windows too.

Wish I had a Downton Abbey staff to take care of everything.

Habibi tray side tables, Eugene lounge chairs, Seam One lamps and Enoki side tables from e15,