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February 29, 2012

This February in an Insta

29 DAYS GONE BY IN A SNAP. Or fifty. Or more!

After four long years of waiting for a leap year, February came, saw and conquered all there is to possibly come, see and conquer in this little life of mine, leading up to a quite private finale that is -at last- my 7th birthday!

Thank you all for the constant greetings, wishes and congratulations. What I've lacked in birthdays, I've surely made up for in loving friends and family, as well as in thoughtful new acquaintances and a truly significant significant other.

Gracias, grazie, salamat and thanks. I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Except maybe some tips on getting chocolate truffle stains off my blouse.

Milan and Barcelona, February 2012. Photos taken with Instagram. Click on any photo to enlarge.


Mike Son said...

Wow, Lads, what a great month it has been for you. Many people don't even experience that much adventure in a year--some, not even in their whole lives. Congratulations and more power! I love you. Can't wait to visit you and be part of your European chapter in June! :)

(btw, favorite pic ko yung hilata in black pose. love it!)

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks Mike :-) Love you too! Best part is having friends to share the adventure with. Don't we all live vicariously through each other anyway?! :-) Yes, feeling Harvard student din ako. Haha

Can't wait for you to come see us here in June!

And when I saw that newly-assembled-bed photo, I somehow actually thought of you!