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January 28, 2012

That Last Look Home

THE PAST THREE YEARS SAW OUR BRIGHT WHITE HOUSE as an active, unfinished project that well, never completed. Items moved up a room, down a room, on to a surface, off of a surface, into a drawer, out on the floor and just this weekend, into a box or out the door.

I will miss this house terribly, being the only living space I've ever inhabited which I felt had reflected my life as it was: dotted with culture and color, visited by friends, teeming with bright white spaces to fill and share with Jaime and the pets.

But as our lives are set to change yet again, so must our home.

¡Adios y gracias casa blanca!

White House, San Lorenzo Village, Makati. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Unknown said...

oh i wish I could have seen this awesome space... but you are off to better life and possible a lovely home!!!