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December 3, 2011

Those Girls-a-Swinging

THEY WEREN'T KIDDING WHEN THEY SAID you can get all four seasons in a single day in Melbourne. Must you have been so moody Melbourne? And must I have been so confident in my tolerance for cold?

So I shuddered in a sweetheart minidress at noon as we made our way through a suddenly chilly Elizabeth street and into the temperate interior of the beautiful GPO.

Inside are lovely shops and cafes, a wash of deceptively warm-toned natural light and currently, stunning holiday decor of glamorous girls-a-swinging amidst red-bowed bells and glittering numbers signifying what I still haven't figured out. Zero isn't counted in the 12 Days of Christmas is it?

A former post office built in Renaissance Revival style, the Melbourne General Post Office has, since 2004, functioned as a hub for premier fashion brands and boutiques while preserving its cultural significance as a city landmark and heritage site. Its location is considered to be especially important, with locals continuing to use the building as a measure of distance from the center of Melbourne.

Not that I intended to go very far. At least not on foot in fifteen-degree weather.

Melbourne's GPO holiday decor by Gloss Creative, Illustration by Laura Laine, Photos by Lady San Pedro.