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December 5, 2011

That Hosiery

WISH I WORE SOME on that bitter windy day. But obviously this post has nothing to do with socks or legwear. It does have to do with the hip Hosier Lane in Melbourne.

Considered to be the most popular and therefore introductory location for Melbourne street art, the cobbled laneway is a stone's throw from Federation Square and Flinders Street Station. Find yourself in the area and you can't miss the mayhem of painted and pasted creatures appearing to spill out on Flinders Street like mad characters from Cool World or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. How ancient are my references?

Check out the lightboxes that change every certain number of weeks. Have some tapas at MoVida. Drop by later in the day for more than just a photogenic stroll as resident Hosier Lane bar Misty opens for a good time amidst the artful anarchy.

For an even better time, in Hosier Lane and with the rest of the city, try to be dressed for unexpected drops in temperature. Like I said, I wish I had some legwear on.

Hosier Lane, Melbourne City Center, Melbourne. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


nikhol said...

Pati 'tong post na 'to naisipan ko ng title: "that beauty and madness"!