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December 6, 2011

That Velvet Fairy Tale

UNDECIDED AS TO whether or not I found any brilliance in Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty. That is, apart from Emily Browning's alabaster skin -every inch of it- exposed with clinical yet questionable restraint.

While impressions and interpretations abound about this cold, quiet and almost voyeuristic drama, the film's visuals worked to awaken my sense of touch; from the presentation of immaculate skin and hair, supple body parts, aged body parts, delicate linens against hard wood, clinical probes sent down the mouth and throat, ripe little berries tumbling out of a fair little hand.

And that velvet cape, an inconspicuous touch that achieved so much for me, apart from hinting at the traditional fairy tale.

I'm certain I need one for the winter that awaits us in January.

Roberta Di Camerino Vintage velvet cloak, Mario Borsato Vintage short jacket and Gianfranco Ferre Vintage velvet coat from