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September 11, 2011

That Role that You Play

REVISITING MASCULINE AND FEMININE Spanish words today brought us to the word problema, or problem, which ends with an "a" and really has no gender but is an exception to the rule and is considered masculine.

Why? It just is. But it may have to do with the reckless games of men and the broken hearts they result in, don't you agree?

1994's "Take a Bow" is widely remembered for its loose narrative revolving around a matador and his neglected lover. Its cinematic treatment and Spanish theme also echo the movie musical to come two years later, starring the same leading lady in similar flavor.

The similarity, however, is of no coincidence, with the music video serving specifically to convince director Alan Parker that Madonna would make a fine and fitting Evita. Madonna was said to have requested "Take a Bow" director Michael Haussman to give the video a Spanish feel, with the intention of sending a copy to Parker as her audition.

She sent the video, bagged the movie and despite many complications during filming, received a Golden Globe for the role, following the birth of her daughter Lourdes and followed by the end of her relationship with Carlos Leon.

Happiness and success!

In a woman's life, there are no real problems. Only men.

"Take a Bow", 1994, from the album Bedtime Stories. Music Video directed by Michael Haussman, starring Madonna and Emilio Muñoz.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha interesting post!!! But totoo.. Men are the real problem naman talaga. LOLLLL