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June 22, 2011

Those Bolsos de Loewe

A LITTLE ODE TO TONIGHT'S SHARE of Spanish festivities sprinkled all about the shopping center we met at for, yes, tapas. Or should this be an ode to Germany?

Since our trip to Barcelona earlier in the year, I've seriously been materially infatuated by Loewe's super proper, super structured handbags. Such perfectly respectable models you can picture yourself still sporting when you're 50, thinking to your glamorously mature self: ah, I've had you all my life.

Born in Madrid in 1846, Loewe came about after German craftsman Enrique Loewe Roessberg joined with Madrillian leather artisans to grow the name that would become purveyor to the royal crown. Over a century later, after numerous expansions and takeovers, Loewe has grown to become Spain's foremost luxury brand, famed for its iconic Amazona handbag and, well, a name we're never quite confident enough to pronounce.

So how do you say it? The Spanish way? Or the German way?

Loewe Bolsos Amazona and Loewe Bolsos Ame,


Mia B. said...

Let's cast these bags (and thus begins one of the ditziest comment threads on What Lady Likes):

Please excuse my layman's fashion terms.

Red doctor's bag with the sling: Lara
Taupe handbag: Lady
The pink one under that: Gin
Blue with navy blue handle/strap: Mia

The Black One: ALL!

I'm bored at work this afternoon -- obvious ba?

Mia B. said...

I forgot: Chin's the beige one with the tan-ish handle.

Lady San Pedro said...

Hahaha obvious nga!

Wonderful, let's have a Loewe bag club meetup 30 years from now... hahahaha!