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June 20, 2011

That Extreme Cuisine

FROM GINGER BUBBLES TO EDIBLE CONDOMS, the fifteen plus two wildcard courses at Bo Innovation was truly, madly and phenomenally gastronomical.

Highly recommended with a spot at the Miele Guide's top 10 in Hong Kong and top 20 in Asia, St. Pellegrino's world's best 100, Wall Street Journal's top 10 in Asia and of course, the Michelin Guide, Chef Alvin Leung's Bo Innovation is about deconstructing Chinese food to its bare essence and re-interpreting them into modern, somewhat extreme forms.

The Chef's Table Menu was a feast that trickled in over a three-hour period with each course accompanied by its own set of fireworks; in a fragrant, creeping mist, an unceasing overflow of bubbles, an overload of truffles or just plain experimental texture and flavor. Alvin Leung himself introduces and explains each dish, with an open kitchen of both bad-ass and angel-faced characters in the background, carefully making, prepping and plating magic.

The dinner was, more than anything, a show. One that leaves a very good taste in your mouth. A show you'll never forget.

And for good reason, neither will your wallet.

Bo Innovation, 60 Johnston Road, Wan Chai. Photos by Lady San Pedro. 


Ms.S said...

haha love it! I'm liking this post I shared it on my FB.

the food are veerryy interesting..

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks! It's really worth a try!!! :-)

PM said...

Hi, Lady! My name's Jordy, a friend of Lara's and I actually work at Bo Innovation (incidentally, it was my day off when you were there and I was supposed to meet up with Lar). I'm glad you had fun! Hopefully next time I'm in Manila I can cook naman for you and Lar. Cheers!

Jordy Navarra