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December 27, 2010

Those Christmas Critters

WHAT I LOVED ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS, as they are officially over for me, was having had time at home to eat and hang and catch the pets at their most adorable.

Animals just have that uncanny way of constantly fascinating you with their quirks.

What I hated about the holidays was that on top of having to spend Christmas Eve in the E.R., and spending Christmas day sick in bed, I had to deal with things I shouldn't have had to deal with on Christmas day, or on any other day at that. Thanks to some very undesirable individuals.

But high fever, dehydration, nutrocite levels, coughing and undesirable individuals aside, it was all still a pretty lovely Christmas, shivering in bed and watching videos all day and night with Jaime and the pets. How many days a year can you do that?

The rest of the week to go until New Year's Eve and I only hope that my antibiotics start to work double time as I will no longer have home time to recuperate with a gallon of water, lozenges, Jaime or the stinkies by my side.

2010, please cooperate in ending this year sanely! And 2011, let's please not be a sickly one.

Kitty and Sunny at home, December 2010.


Unknown said...

Oh lady, what a Christmas you've had:(. But why are the holidays over? No more meeting the new year? In any case, hope you are well the rest of 2010;). I love your tree,btw. Regards from BKK:)

Lady San Pedro said...

Thank you! :-) Still on meds until right before New Year's Eve.

And my holidays were interrupted but they resume today until the 2nd! Happy New Year in advance to you and the fam :-)