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December 28, 2010

Those Dreams Come True

I REMEMBER IT WELL. I came home from ballet and my dad had just gotten back from a shoot in Guam with a 3-foot box of Famous Amos and a VHS tape of Jiminy Cricket's Christmas.

I was about eight and my brother two. We watched the tape over and over and over again almost everyday for who knows how long. It was a good break from Batman Returns and Mary Poppins.

And it is a good memory for siblings all grown. Oh the nostalgia it brings to hear Jiminy Cricket sing again!

"From all of us, to all of you, Merry Christmas."

May all your dreams come true!

Walt Disney Presents Jiminy Cricket's Christmas, 1986.


Victoria said...

TEAR talaga!!! This is so sweet and cute and makes me so nostalgic for all the Disney movies I watched over and over again (with my sisters naman)! I think I'll be watching this over and over again today!

Lady San Pedro said...

Diba? Disney is pure nostalgia :-)

Nice to see you tonight! Thanks for saving me a book!