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November 30, 2010

That Folio of Delights

AFTER A 3-DAY WEEKEND OF ALMOST FULL DOMESTICITY, we emerge with a new tall boy, a new upholsterer and a prospective king-sized poster bed!

I guess this marks the beginning of another home-improvement phase that will -hopefully- result in what the house should fully and finally be. For good!

An addition to our inspiration list is Trowbridge's Folio Collection which gives a gentle nudge for me to have our art prints framed, make my own artworks to have framed and borrow some paintings from Daddy to put up on bare walls.


Trowbridge Folio Collection,


lila Braga said...

fabulous prints!!! ...that is the life of a lady; always reinventing her life and surrounding!

Lady San Pedro said...

Ah yes, improvement is a life-long commitment!