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November 29, 2010

Those Bonifacio Days

AS TODAY IS BONIFACIO DAY, I reminisce about life back in Bonifacio Ridge, one of the first ever condominium buildings that came up in Bonifacio Global City and where Jaime, Kitty, Sunny and I had spent our first few Christmases together.

902A was both home and playground to the pets' kitten and puppyhood, striking terror and bringing about destruction to the small unit wherever possible. Cute definitely has its price.

Missing the neighborhood, the unobstructed sky, the voluntary 9-floor fire exit hike and Manila Golf against smoggy Makati!

Happy Bonifacio Day!

Kitty Bang Bang, Sunny and Jaime at Bonifacio Ridge, photos from 2007-2008.


Gin said...

Sunny as a puppy is so cute!! Great pics Lads :)

Ms.S said...

I laugh at the shoe pictures.
happens to me too.. I know the feeling.

Lady San Pedro said...

Haha, the puppy stage feels like eternity!