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October 21, 2010

Those Knots Landing

SINCE MY LAST AGENCY TO THIS ONE, it's been quite common that my office gal pal and I would turn up to work wearing very similar outfits, or at least similar items.

Today, we take the same inspiration for our midsections: knotted belts ready to each accommodate two servings of a very hearty lunch at our ECD's birthday blow-out.

Glad these are adjustable.

Lady and Paulina, October 21, 2010.


Vicky G said...

very cool knots! :)

i'm really curious about your fashion style. i hope you'd post some outfits, especially for work; i bet they'd inspire :) especially now because i'm updating my wardrobe, haha! i want to keep the volume of my clothes to a minimum, so i'm thinking i should invest first in basics, then build on it. :) i just had an idea! maybe you could make a post about maybe top 10 essentials a working girl should have? i'm petite, btw :)

Mi said...

I will try this, Lads! I have a bunch of belts that are just way too long. Oh, and I have the olive green belt above haha.

Lady San Pedro said...

iamvix, will do! Though I can only speak for dressing in my industry which is advertising. I'll do a post for you soon :-)

Mi, you don't have that olive green belt because you gave me that belt about eight years ago! Haha don't you remember?!?

Mi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yet another indication of the rapid degradation of my memory.

Vicky G said...

That would be amazing. I'm in IT so dress code is more relaxed except when meeting clients (which rarely happens). Can't wait! :)