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October 22, 2010

That Glamour

IN A STRIKING LIP SHADE, A CAPTIVATING SCENT, A STATEMENT-MAKING DETAIL. In calling attention and upping the drama while masquerading a secret that may or may not even be there.

Glamour has the intention to attract. To distract. It is comfortable to be flamboyant, theatrical or controversial, running the risk of looking ridiculous but choosing it any day over looking plain.

To be glamorous, a person must have unfaltering confidence and a certain amount of irreverence. The glamorous person has an eternal love for flair.

And while many glamorous people enjoy adoration by their less dramatic counterparts, there are many more who undergo criticism. But they never suffer it. Because to be glamorous is an expression of imagination, an exercise in artfulness, a celebration of enhancing pleasure for the senses.

It is in its way, an art. One that has made geishas and courtesans and prima donnas and superstars, from time immemorial to the present, beloved, idolized, even immortalized in literature and song.

It's Friday today. Be glamorous. Let go.

Illustration by Richard Gray. Images from