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October 11, 2010

That Luz Linear

AN INCLINATION TOWARDS the Phoebe Philo aesthetic and seasonal fall shades, combined with the Asian-flavored Cheong Soo Pieng exhibit we recently saw at the SAM, leaves me feeling quite drawn to the clean, geometric and rich-hued paintings by Arturo Luz.

They were done some time ago and yet they feel so current somehow.

I've been looking at so much art lately, none of which have been local. And as I never had a formal art education, I think a good way to start is by going national. Artists that is.

Now, when am I free to visit a museum?!

Paintings by Arturo Luz. Images from


Anonymous said...

Just drop by Marco's house! It's full of Luz paintings and sculptures.

Lady San Pedro said...

Really? Well I guess it figures, I got the images from the Crucible website!

Victoria said...

Hi Lady! I remember before you made a post about a book called The Geometry of Pasta, it had nice pasta drawings in black and white!! If you still haven't gotten it and are interested, I saw it in here in Fully Booked Fort!! :-) Hahaha Shameless plug..

Lady San Pedro said...

Aw sweet of you to remember! :-) I'll just check first, I think Mike bought it for me in the States!