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October 12, 2010

That Food For Thought

FUNNY THAT IT WAS RIGHT NEXTDOOR TO OUR HOTEL as I had been wanting to check out the cafe since reading about it on T Magazine's Style Map Singapore.

Housed in the SAM -Singapore Art Museum- complex, Food For Thought provides a cool, conceptual venue for supporting various eco and social causes. From donations to seasonal programs and a large shelf featuring design products by or for the benefit of local communities, it appears that the aim is to promote charitable behavior in the hip, young sector by introducing it into an already familiar lifestyle.

"Good Food For A Good Cause" they say.

I say good job.

Food For Thought, 8 Queen St. Singapore. View the menu at Find them on T Magazine's Style Map


Food For Thought said...

Wow, thank you for the great review. How did I miss this? : ) I'm glad we were part of your Singapore experience!