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August 18, 2010

Those Pretty Pinks and That Pretty Boy Blue

MY LESSER FAVORITE OF THE HUGHES-RINGWALD MOVIES but visually my favorite for looking more pastel-y, more Cindy-Lauper-y and more new-wave-y than the rest.

Good teen flicks are always a joy to watch. Light and cheesy and effortless, they take you back to a time when high school is your whole world and infatuation equals love. And -at least with John Hughes' flicks- all the cute popular boys have a secret crush on you.

Andrew McCarthy cutie!

Pretty in Pink 1986, directed by John Hughes.


Victoria said...

Oh my god, I super super super superrrr love Andrew McCarthy and exactly for this movie and for St. Elmo's Fire!!!!!!!!!!! My friends and I could rave about him all day.

Anonymous said...

80s TEEN MOVIES! I always go back to those when i'm feeling down and out. and flat chested. haha! Hi lades! :)

Lady San Pedro said...

You girls have got to see him in Less Than Zero! He's portrayed a little bit sexier than usual, though the movie is such a drag.

Well, hello there Ms. Isaac! I mishooo!!!