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August 17, 2010

That Return To Femininity

LATELY I'VE BEEN DRAWN farther and farther away from daintiness and closer to a more rugged, more masculine or just an overall less polished look and feel. It's been showing in my blog posts, on my bare face, in my unkempt hair and my daily garb which has consisted of rumpled oversized tees and button-down shirts.

It must be my environment. Cool, dishevelled art directors and fresh-out-of-college hipsters; to some degree, you do get influenced by your surroundings.

So though I'm quite comfy to be quite casual, I make a mindful effort today of infusing a little bit of good-old-fashioned femininity back into my life by bringing some of it back into my blog.

It is, after all, entitled LadyLikes for a reason.

Paintings by Bella Foster, Images from


Giannina said...

These are just too pretty lades! I remember you doodling in class all the time!

Lady San Pedro said...

Haha, yeah I did!

Either doodling or pestering Lara ;-D