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August 20, 2010

That Emergence

MY DAD MADE THIS AMAZING MULTI-LAYER ABSTRACT some time ago on a canvas which I had tried and erred to paint something -anything- on.

So with that unfortunate lack of any clear subject matter to make an artwork of, I sent my confused disaster of a canvas over to him and a day later I got it back looking nothing short of amazing.

Aside from being prominently displayed at our home reception, this painting now also serves as the inspiration for my dad's new painting exhibit which he had officially started work on. It will be a seven-painting series about, well, I can't really say.

What this means for me? Gallery hunting, guest-list making and canapé and wine selecting.

Exciting things to come!

Emerge by Rudy San Pedro,


Gin said...

Beautiful piece Lads! Can't wait to see more from Tito Rudy. :)