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August 24, 2010

That Nostalgia

IT HAD NOT OCCURRED TO ME, until we drove by a banner announcing it the other day, that August is Buwan ng Wika; a month we celebrated every year for fourteen years back at school with big elaborate festivities that make you think it would stay as memorable to students even after graduation.

Oops, guess not.

So before the month ends, I thought I'd post something nationalistic in theme somehow, as I obviously take most of my inspiration from cultures outside of my own.

Kitschy, nostalgic and quite comical, Simon Santos showcases a brimming well of vintage Pinoy film posters and news clippings on his Video 48 site. They take me back to warm weekday afternoons off school, to my lola sitting by the fan and in front of the TV, to back-to-back matinee screenings of Filipino classics before the 5:00 news.

Thanks Simon for the images!

Video 48 blog by Simon Santos,