EST. 2009

June 1, 2010

That View From the Top

WHAT DOES THE WORLD LOOK LIKE FROM THE TOP? Guess I'll never know if I never try to get there.

I have emerged! From rolling around in my bed, from coughing my life away, from feeling as if an anvil has been implanted inside my skull, from crying because my chest is full of pain, from this past week of utter torture wherein restlessness was both a cause and effect of itself, being both the "itching to get up and do something" kind and the "haven't had enough rest" kind, yes I have emerged!

I am still, however, not recovered. Doc extended my course of antibiotics -which was supposed to end today- by three more days and gave me a couple of additional meds to take; meds that I've never heard of in my lifetime but are wow, I'm not allergic to them.

So I'm back, but not exactly back on track. Yet. The past week has seen me not only experience physical weakness but has also sort of weakened my morale, turning me into an anxious, stressed-out worrywart over things that may or may not actually transpire.

No thanks to those who feed me with unnecessary worries.

But many thanks to friends who help to ease them. After all, at the core of me, they know what I really want. And it would be such a waste to want otherwise.

Aerial photography by Lane Coder,