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May 28, 2010

That Birthday Boy

THIS WAS JAIME ON HIS 7TH BIRTHDAY PARTY, exactly 24 years ago and approximately 130 pounds, 2.2 feet, an estimate of 4,000 shaves and maybe over 28,000 bottles of beer, Bacardi and Glenfiddich ago.

It was one of the only two photos I asked to have when we visited his grandmother a couple of years back and she had a brilliant idea of unearthing some old albums. She didn't exactly have that many solo shots of Jaime but I guess she didn't mind me having them since Jaime has moved to Manila and she could see him often.

But then again so could I!

Very happy to be spending yet another birthday with the love of my life and my most favorite person in the world. Kitty Bang Bang, Sunny and I wish you a great day today and all the happiness in the year ahead.

Jaime Sese's 7th birthday party, May 1986.


Gin said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Jaime!! :)

Anonymous said...

i wonder what your kids will look like....hahah....Happy birthday Jaime!

Mike Son said...

This can't be Jaime. Lola must have unearthed the wrong picture! :p

Although the grit with which he's slicing the cake kinda gives it away. Hahaha. What a sweetie! (Sabay pinch ng cheek.)

Lady San Pedro said...

Sabay pinch ng cheek a la Amo Roma dinner! Haha

Guess if he were holding a Kali knife you would have been more convinced ;-D