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May 13, 2010

That Happy Time

A LITTLE VINTAGE, A LITTLE QUIRKY, A LOT OF HAPPY! Koto Bofolo's photos are so cute and clean and full of lovely smiles to brighten up even a tired, sleepy, day-five-of-a-sudden-bout-of-insomnia, lethargic and pale-faced day.

Overcast sky is not helping either. Zzzzzz.

Oh look! Polar bear on a tandem bike!

Photography by Koto Bolofo. Images from


Mia said...

You should've posted our Tagaytay couch photo. It fits right into the series. Skinny girl and a polar girl in stripes.

Lady San Pedro said...

Haha, ano ka ba! You'll never be big enough.

Besides, you're not a polar. You're a panda!

Mia said...

Am I? Looks wise, I think I'm more of a koala. HELLLAEIOUUUUUU!

Lady San Pedro said...