EST. 2009

March 7, 2010

That Dawn, That Dusk

UNLIKE HIS EARLIER, MORE AGGRESSIVE AND HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL WORKS -such as Paradise the Club, Fashion Victims and Mind of Their Own- Amsterdam-based Erwin Olaf's more recent photographs show a whole lot of restraint.

The heavily art-directed images in his currently running Dawn & Dusk exhibition in New York are literal contrasts in color. And yet they are parallel in poignancy.

With a more reflective overall tone and much subtler visual cues, they indicate enough of what he means to express while leaving ample room for interpretation.

He tells The New York Times: "Although there are big, big beautiful photographs, when you are going to the cinema, you can always make up your own story... I never cry over a photo, but I cry over a movie, or music or literature. That makes me always a bit jealous. So I want to achieve that a bit in my photography."

Dawn & Dusk by Erwin Olaf. See his other work at