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March 3, 2010

Those Femmes Fatales

SOMETIMES I WISH I COULD BE MORE THE VICIOUS WOMAN TYPE WHO GOES OUT TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS; the upper hand, the last laugh, the last word, things beyond money and power that she's probably already got and has grown bored with.

Except I can't even get a stupid U.S. visa!

At the end of my 2-minute, 4-question "interview" -held via microphone and speaker over a bank-teller-like counter- the fat white officer who was interviewing me deduced quite instantly that I am unqualified to visit the country as my single, childless status and financial incapacity renders me as having "no roots."

I offered to show my documents; employment certifications and bank statements amongst others, as proof of my "roots". But he didn't want to see them and simply handed me an unsigned decline form that welcomes me to reapply once my civil status and income has significantly changed.

Wow, I didn't know being unwed is such a disability in a year like 2010.

Maybe they prefer me to marry some old white American dude, migrate to the U.S. as his housewife and then send all his money back to my relatives and their neighbors and their in-laws in the Philippines. Yeah. That's more ideal than letting a single, 26-year-old advertising professional spend two weeks attending a bachelorette party in Vegas and a wedding in L.A.

So I am really upset today that I gave up a third of my birthday money to pay the visa application fee. And that I got up at 5 a.m. only to spend four long hours waiting in line to get my fingers scanned and then partake in a useless interview that is really no more than a survey. I had to go through all that just to be told that I don't look like I've got much going on for me over here and henceforth cannot risk being let loose in the greener pastures of America.

Excuse me. I just need to attend a wedding.

If you don't want my tourism, I'll vacation somewhere else!

Illustrations by Riikka Sormunen,


Lianne said...

whaaaaaat??? that's so unfair!! grrrrr.

Lady San Pedro said...

It is isn't it! Hit and miss!

Ligaya said...

Hi Lady it's Joy.

Oh wow, sorry to hear about that. And you know, that doesn't bode well for us at all, seriously. I would like to take a vacation in the US to visit Eloisa (you remember her? she definitely remembers you), but I'm scared that being a 26-year-old unmarried PR professional from a small agency would get me declined.

And what really pisses me off is that some people are telling me that I should just get a fiance visa seeing as my boyfriend is American anyway. But the point is that I do not want to use him as my stepping stone into seeing my sister. I would like to be engaged to him on my own terms and I would like to visit my sister on my own terms as well, thank you very much.

I wish you the best of luck in getting that visa should you still have any need for it, but damn that rejection was a serious bitch.

Lady San Pedro said...

Haha thanks Joy! Funny but yeah, people (jokingly I hope) are telling me to just finally marry my boyfriend which will automatically get me an Australian passport. Um, no. Not for that reason.

Anyway good luck to you too! And hello to Eloisa. Long time!!!

Ligaya said...

Hahaha, so you get those too eh? It's sad but stupid how the world operates these days.

Eloisa says hi back. ^.~ And thanks heaps for the well wishes. ^_^