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March 30, 2010

That Big Love

ACTUALLY A VERY INTELLIGENT CREATURE WITH VERY GOOD MEMORY, the elephant has been dubbed by Aristotle as "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind". So it's no wonder that various Asian cultures regard them to be symbols of wisdom, while children's books and toys often employ them for their charm.

Lovely large animals!

Here's my own elephant experience some time ago.

I miss Jaime and I miss Thailand!

Elephant editorial photographed by Elisabeth Toll,

Elephant ride with Jaime at Saiyok Elephant Park, Kanchanaburi, September 2007. Photographed by our guide.


Lianne said...

i want to ride an elephant too! i haven't been to bangkok in years. i want to go back this year!

Lady San Pedro said...

Go!!! Kanchanaburi is a bit of a drive from Bkk, almost in Burma na but loooove the countryside with all the elephants, monkeys and tigers :-)

It's also very cheap to do the drive + elephant ride + pet the free-roaming tigers!