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January 28, 2010

That Deepest Darkest Storm

FOR YEARS NOW, I HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF HANGING UP ON ONE OF OUR WALLS, A LARGE PICTURE OF STORM CLOUDS. It came to a point where I attempted to paint one myself, but I could not self-impose a deadline and so never got past painting the upper left quadrant that took up a mere one-tenth of the canvas.

But here, finally! I've found someone who had photographed them. That cold, strong and quiet turmoil that I've found to be so resonant of how I feel when my emotions take over me.

The unobstructed space, the vastness, the depth, the loneliness, the everything about Nicholas Hughes' photographs just strike a chord with me.

Pictures I should really look into buying...

Photographs by Nicholas Hughes,


raphnexx the poet said...

Nice photos.nice totle too.