EST. 2009

October 5, 2009

These Kowloon Finds

THERE IS NO UPSIDE TO LEAVING YOUR CAMERA BEHIND ON A TRIP. Especially if it's your first out-of-the-country trip for the year and it's all the way in September.

And most especially if you're not the one who left the camera behind.

Fortunately however, in the midst of what felt like a million shops selling ladies' fashion, I found some great images to take back home with me.

Postcards by Goods of Desire:

And some vintage posters from Kowloon night market:


Lianne said...

hong kong never fails to rock my socks! everytime i go there, i seem to discover something new and awesome :)

Lady San Pedro said...

I love that it's bustling pretty much everywhere and practically all the time!

And what I love best is how accessible everything is!