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July 22, 2020

That Closeness

AN INSTANT DOSE OF ALL THE FEELS. Olivia de Recat's Closeness Lines Over Time hit me with so much nostalgia and sentimentality, conjuring moments and memories with the people of my life. For pet owners, the very last diagram goes straight to the heart.

A writer and cartoonist living in Los Angeles, Olivia co-writes and illustrates for The New Yorker's column Dating Material, which offers a playful yet insightful take on modern dating. From knowing "where you stand with Jeff" to breakup location ideas, the cartoons are light, relatable, and just like dating, sometimes bittersweet.

Beyond the column, Olivia's work feature elsewhere in The New Yorker, and on her delightful instagram account @drawingolive. Grab a beverage, go for a scroll, and find your own thoughts and similar experiences visualized. Relationships can be so entertaining.

Closeness Lines Over Time by Olivia de Recat


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