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June 27, 2020

This Blossoming Style

LIKE ANYONE WHO'S EVER BEEN A TEENAGER, I'VE GONE THROUGH a few style phases, not excluding ones inspired by the Spice Girls, and a little bit of Paris and Nicole. Do I regret it? Not at all. They were fun times, however experimental. In more recent years, I've streamlined heavily, editing down to a capsule wardrobe in a minimalist palette. Blacks, whites, neutrals and denim dominate my closet, and my accessories are limited to pieces in a select handful.

This summer, I've had the pleasure of making a small but impactful tweak to my personal style as an Estella Bartlett ambassador. A British brand purveying the daintiest of accessories, the label creates whimsical charms and dreamy pieces. My favorites at the moment are the Lucky Six Pence necklace and Granulated Huggy earrings, both in gold.

Being adorned with these makes me feel a little bit more romantic, and somehow a little bit more youthful. My teenage self would be so inspired.

Estella Bartlett Lucky Six Pence necklace and Granulated Huggy earrings,