EST. 2009

September 30, 2019

That Decadence

I STARTED THIS BLOG IN JULY OF 2009, to rid myself of a budding addiction to shopping. I had a large wardrobe. Fortunately, blogging proved a productive alternative to retail therapy, leading me to discover things that would shape my personal and professional aesthetic.

Ten years and over 900 entries later, I find myself influenced by the works of art and design I've been lucky to behold. They've inspired me to become a minimalist, a Londoner, an aspiring ballerina, with a history of lifestyle blogging in Barcelona, and launching shoe designs in Milan.

For sharing in my blog and life's adventures, I am grateful to have you here. It's been decadent!

Over 900 visual souvenirs from film, art, fashion and travel:

To celebrate ten years of blogging, I've handpicked ten visual collections of things I adore.


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