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April 18, 2019

That Floral Fix

AMONG ART'S FAVORITE MUSES, FLOWERS HAVE BEEN A PROMINENT SUBJECT of artistic works across history. From ancient Egyptian ceramics, to medieval tapestries and impressionist paintings, flora features heavily in precious and iconic works. “It is maybe to flowers that I owe becoming a painter.” said Claude Monet, who is famed for his Water Lilies series.

In more contemporary times, flowers inspire an even wider range of artistic applications. Andy Warhol's Flowers is a quadriptych of silkscreen prints in kaleidoscopic colors. Jeff Koons' Large Vase of Flowers is a polychromed wood sculpture of a Renaissance-style bouquet.

Monet's Water Lilies, Andy Wharhol's Flowers, and Jeff Koons' Large Vase of Flowers

Still life depictions of flowers, however, continue to be one of my favorite floral genres. Its simplicity places less of a focus on concept, and more on composition, color, light and the quality of flowers as they are painted or photographed.

I'm currently feeling Britta Walsworth's fresh, fashionable floral designs. Looking elevated from the commercial bouquet without being avant-garde, her compositions have a tousled vibe to them while comprising sprigs and blooms in immaculate condition.

Floral design by Britta Walsworth,