EST. 2009

February 20, 2019

That Morning Routine

KOBAYASHI IKKI'S SERIES OF POSES convey states including dignity and drunkenness. They elevate the stick figure with superb composition, effortless lines, and a minimalist restraint. The weightlessness reminds of Alexander Calder's mobiles.

At a glance the poses make me think of morning yoga, which I have practiced more or less regularly for the past ten years. I dedicate minutes to sun salutations, but even that makes a notable difference to how my body feels the rest of the day. It seems only natural to stretch after sleep, which is why animals do it instinctively.

Kobayashi Ikki is a Japanese graphic designer whose work is inspired by traditional Japanese emblems and graffiti. He works with pen and paper to create hand-crafted prints, at once clean and playful. “I like to make a work as if a child is playing, they make funny ideas that adults can not imagine so I always want to keep that feeling in my work.” Ikki shares with It's Nice That.

I would also like my morning routine to feel as if I were a child playing.

Prints by Kobayashi Ikki,